Hoagies, Wraps, and Crustinis

Served with chips, pickle, mustard and mayo on the side. All finished with fresh tomato and lettuce upon request, except Pizzaroni and Meatball.

Sandwich options include:

HOAGIE - a toasted sub sandwich in white or wheat, half (6 1/2") $8.5, whole (13") $16.00 CRUSTINI - a freshly baked 9-inch pizza crust $9.5. WRAP - a soft 12-inch tortilla in white or low-carb wheat. $8 Extra charge for Steak.

Cheese Steak

Sliced sirloin roast, sweet red and green peppers, mushrooms, onions and provolone cheese.

Italian Bake

Honey ham, hard Italian salami, onion, green pepper, provolone cheese and served with a side of Italian dressing.


Loaded with spicy pepperoni, pizza sauce and provolone cheese.

Beef, bacon, and cheddar

Tender roast beef, bacon, and melted cheddar cheese.

BLT with a twist

Hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and melted provolone cheese.

Ham and cheese

Honey ham, grilled onions, and melted provolone cheese.

Roast Beef

Tender roast beef piled high with melted provolone.

Grilled Fajita Chicken

Seasoned chicken breast covered with provolone cheese.

Steak, Bacon, and Cheddar

Sliced beef sirloin, hickory smoked bacon, and melted cheddar cheese.

Turkey, Bacon, and Cheddar

Roasted turkey breast and hickory smoked bacon smothered with melted cheddar cheese.

Turkey Breast

Roasted turkey breast covered with melted provolone cheese.


Sliced smoked ham, roasted turkey breast, bacon, cheddar and provolone cheese.


Italian meatballs, pizza sauce, mozzarella, and provolone cheese.

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